Cabin House Flip

We just recently finished completely remodeling an old house that got it’s beginnings as a log cabin many years ago . . .

As always we ran into a lot more issues than what we had planned on! But the finished result made it worth the surprises this house kept giving us. If nothing else, it made for good before and after photos which we thought you might enjoy seeing!

Here’s a before of the exterior (logs and all):

And here’s the after view:

Here is a before of the kitchen (we were a little confused what style the previous owners were going for):

And this is the kitchen after we updated it:


Here is a before view looking at the living room from the kitchen:

And here is the after shot with a wall missing:

Before picture of the back of the garage:

We decided to enclose the space and turn it into a type of sunroom:

Here is a sweet picture (pun intended) of the bedroom suite before:

And what it looks like now with new carpet, paint, doors, and lighting:

These are just a few of the highlights! We also updated the bathrooms, other bedrooms, added on a back deck and did a lot of changes to the layout of the house but we don’t want to bore you with the details . . . but you can head on over to Youtube and see a more complete video if you like:

Let us know your thoughts on the project and what your favorite transformation is pictured above!


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