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Check out our portfolio of jobs below! Obviously not every job we've ever done is listed - we just highlight the ones we think are the most interesting. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. We love hearing what you think.

5 Of Our Favorites From This Kitchen Remodel

We recently finished up a kitchen remodel in Bloomington that completely changed the look of the space. This kitchen got new flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and of course paint! Here are five of our favorite things from this kitchen remodel!


#1 The Copper Apron Sink. We thought this sink added a nice, subtle flare to this kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Pic 2

#2 The Tile Backsplash. We really liked the way the back splash contrasted and complimented the countertop and cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodel Pic 4

#3 The Flooring. Vinyl plank flooring has come a long way in recent years!

Kitchen Remodel Pic 3

#4 The Lighting. The combination of outside lighting and artificial lighting helps make the space feel bright and warm.

Kitchen Remodel Pic 1

#5 The Cabinet Colors. We liked the way the two cabinet colors came together to make the space unique.

Kitchen Remodel Pic 5

Feel free to let us know what your thoughts are on this project! You can also view a video of this kitchen by following this link:

7 Things that Made this Basement Renovation Stand Out

We love remodeling houses especially when the changes are so drastic! This project started when the homeowner contacted us with the desire to add a type of “guest suite” in her basement/garage. When we arrived this is what the space looked like:

Basement Remodel (Before)

We worked closely with the homeowner and an interior designer to give her a new floor plan that would meet all of her wants. In the end, the project turned out beautifully and here are the top 7 things that we think made this remodel amazing:

1. A Mudroom for the Guests – The new floor plan involved removing the overhead garage door and installing a new exterior door. This gave the guests access to their room and bathroom without having to come in and out of the front door!

2. A Larger Window – Where the guest sitting room would be, the homeowner wanted us to remove the existing window and install a larger window in it’s place. This decision made the sitting room one of our favorite rooms in the new space!

3. Custom Shelves in Mudroom – What a great idea to add custom shelving to the guest’s mudroom! These shelves are beautiful and add to the character of the home.

4. A Tile Shower – The bathroom is nice but the tile shower makes it great! What bathroom doesn’t look better when a tile shower gets installed?

5. The Painted Wood Paneling – This gives the guest room that warm feeling which matches the rest of the house and makes it feel like it was always a part of the original house plan.

6. The Washer & Dryer in Bathroom – This works out great! Not only does the washer and dryer have a place to stay but when guests are there they can do laundry!

7. The View – We can’t talk about this beautiful remodel without mentioning the spectacular view! Indiana’s landscape certainly is breathtaking!

Kids’ and Guest Bathrooms Remodel

We know that you love your bathroom. You’ve remodeled your Master Bathroom within the last couple years and now you think your bath remodeling is done. Only then do you realize the guest bathroom and kids’ bathroom . . .

That’s exactly what happened to one of our clients in the Bloomington area!

They gave us a call and setup a time for us to come and discuss their ideas for the kids’ and guest bathrooms. Here are some of the things they were wanting:

  • Kids bathroom:
    • New double vanity
    • New Santa Cecilia granite vanity top
    • New tub with tile surround
    • New toilet
    • New tile floor
    • Fresh paint
  • Guest bathroom:
    • New single vanity cabinet to match another cabinet in house
    • New Golden King granite vanity top
    • New tile walk-in shower with glass door
    • New toilet
    • New pocket door
    • New tile floor
    • Fresh paint

So we took their ideas and started the remodel! We were soon able to transform the two bathrooms into exactly what they were wanting. Below are photos of the project. Enjoy!

Kids Bath Photos:

Guest Bath Photos:

Beach Style Basement Bathroom

Who doesn’t want a beach style bathroom with a sliding door in their basement? One of our customers came to us earlier this year and decided that is exactly what they wanted. They were looking to turn the unused storage space in their basement into a nice, roomy half-bath and we were happy to help them achieve their goals!


Before: Unused Basement Space

After shot - Overview

After: New Bathroom in Basement


Below are some more pictures of the finished bathroom. Also, don’t forget to check out the video at the beginning of this post!

Bathroom Remodel with New Larger Layout

Sometimes just some simple rearranging of a floor plan can make all the difference.

Earlier this year we had a customer who had a small bathroom that was in need of an update. His bathroom layout (see below) was a poor use of space with a wall dividing the laundry room and bathroom. This made the laundry room only accessible from the kitchen and it made the bathroom feel crowded.

Before Layout of Bathroom

We quickly recognized there was potential to rearrange his layout and give him a larger feeling bathroom. That’s when we came up with the design pictured below. We suggested removing the wall between the bathroom and laundry room, installing a new wall between the kitchen and laundry, and building a closet for the water heater (which had previously been in the kitchen!). This new layout gave the customer the feeling that he had a much larger bathroom and laundry area space even though he didn’t actually gain any square footage!

After LayoutSo since we were changing up his layout why not update a few other items in his bathroom? Enjoy the video below showing off the new tile floor, new vanity and vanity top, new appliances, and new shower/tub unit.