Special Projects

Trellis Structure

We built this trellis structure! One of our fun spring projects this year!!

Cedar Pergola with White Columns

Pergolas are a beautiful option to enhance your patio or walkway. We recently completed a pergola project for a customer in the Bloomington area where we used cedar lumber and white fiberglass columns. We thought you might want to see it!img_2182 img_2183

7 Things that Made this Basement Renovation Stand Out

We love remodeling houses especially when the changes are so drastic! This project started when the homeowner contacted us with the desire to add a type of “guest suite” in her basement/garage. When we arrived this is what the space looked like:

Basement Remodel (Before)

We worked closely with the homeowner and an interior designer to give her a new floor plan that would meet all of her wants. In the end, the project turned out beautifully and here are the top 7 things that we think made this remodel amazing:

1. A Mudroom for the Guests – The new floor plan involved removing the overhead garage door and installing a new exterior door. This gave the guests access to their room and bathroom without having to come in and out of the front door!

2. A Larger Window – Where the guest sitting room would be, the homeowner wanted us to remove the existing window and install a larger window in it’s place. This decision made the sitting room one of our favorite rooms in the new space!

3. Custom Shelves in Mudroom – What a great idea to add custom shelving to the guest’s mudroom! These shelves are beautiful and add to the character of the home.

4. A Tile Shower – The bathroom is nice but the tile shower makes it great! What bathroom doesn’t look better when a tile shower gets installed?

5. The Painted Wood Paneling – This gives the guest room that warm feeling which matches the rest of the house and makes it feel like it was always a part of the original house plan.

6. The Washer & Dryer in Bathroom – This works out great! Not only does the washer and dryer have a place to stay but when guests are there they can do laundry!

7. The View – We can’t talk about this beautiful remodel without mentioning the spectacular view! Indiana’s landscape certainly is breathtaking!

Custom Shelves for Your Bedroom

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I just had some shelving right there!” as you look at an unused wall in your house? Now some of you have never had that thought even cross your mind, but for others you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is that one wall that just seems like it needs some shelving.

That’s when you call Keith Construction.

Our team of craftsman love making your dreams, your Pinterest pins, your Houzz pictures, and your HGTV ideas come to life in your own home! That’s what happened with a customer in the Bloomington area.

She picked up the phone and gave us a call because she had a friend who highly recommend us. This was her first time using us and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Trent met with her and here are the pictures he took from that first meeting:


The customer expressed that she was wanting some shelving with a beadboard backing that covered the entire bedroom wall. Included in this would be a shelf across the top of the window and the ability to leave her desk where it was.

After we worked up an estimate and the customer accepted it, we were able to get our crew started on the project! We stayed in communication with the customer during the process and in the end we were able to give her exactly what she had envisioned!

Here's the finished product

Here’s the finished product

If you have a unique project and you’re not sure who to contact, give us a call! We would love to come out and discuss the project with you and help turn your idea into a reality!


Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Check out these photos from a job in Bloomington, IN where we installed a beautfiul hickory hardwood flooring throughout the entire main level. The rich color of the hickory really brought to life this hundred-year-old home!



Pole Barn with Horse Stalls

Building a barn for horses is an exciting project to undertake! Just recently we were approached by a customer wanting to do just that.

They expressed their wants and desires for the pole barn as well as their prospective budget. We worked with them on designing a barn that would suit their needs, would be completed inside their budget, and would look great when it was all finished.

barn layoutSo here’s what we ended up with:

  • A 40×24 barn with 9 foot tall side walls
  • 29 gauge red metal with white metal trim for exterior
  • Three horse stalls built out of native lumber
  • Dutch doors for each horse stall
  • Three windows for wall opposite the horse stalls
  • One walk door
  • Two 10 foot wide sliding doors on each end of the pole barn

With the plans approved, our crew got right to work with constructing this pole barn! Below are some pictures of the finished product:


Outside of barn with three dutch doors for horse stalls


Outside of barn




Sliding stall door built out of native lumber


Three horse stalls built out of native lumber

Pit Renovation

Tired of having the step-down pit in front of your fireplace? Take a look at this job where Keith Construction changed the entire appearance of the living room by covering up the step-down pit.

Entry Porch with Rough Cut Lumber

Check out the recent entryway porch built by Keith Construction with rough cut lumber!

Suncast Pergola

Keith Construction just recently installed a Suncast Pergola changing the look and feel of this customer’s patio.

Pergola Picture

Suncast Pergola installed by Keith Construction

RV Shelter into an Apartment

Check out this project where Keith Construction transformed an RV shelter into a one-story apartment!