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Cabin House Flip

We just recently finished completely remodeling an old house that got it’s beginnings as a log cabin many years ago . . .

As always we ran into a lot more issues than what we had planned on! But the finished result made it worth the surprises this house kept giving us. If nothing else, it made for good before and after photos which we thought you might enjoy seeing!

Here’s a before of the exterior (logs and all):

And here’s the after view:

Here is a before of the kitchen (we were a little confused what style the previous owners were going for):

And this is the kitchen after we updated it:


Here is a before view looking at the living room from the kitchen:

And here is the after shot with a wall missing:

Before picture of the back of the garage:

We decided to enclose the space and turn it into a type of sunroom:

Here is a sweet picture (pun intended) of the bedroom suite before:

And what it looks like now with new carpet, paint, doors, and lighting:

These are just a few of the highlights! We also updated the bathrooms, other bedrooms, added on a back deck and did a lot of changes to the layout of the house but we don’t want to bore you with the details . . . but you can head on over to Youtube and see a more complete video if you like: https://youtu.be/GUZ3RsTGS8w

Let us know your thoughts on the project and what your favorite transformation is pictured above!


Cedar Pergola with White Columns

Pergolas are a beautiful option to enhance your patio or walkway. We recently completed a pergola project for a customer in the Bloomington area where we used cedar lumber and white fiberglass columns. We thought you might want to see it!img_2182 img_2183

New Construction: Garden Drive House

This summer we were busy building a new home in Spencer, Indiana, and we thought you might want to take a tour inside!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKWV3ln-nxQ&theme=light&rel=0]

Here are some details about this house:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
  • 2,000 sq. ft. with garage
  • 20 x 20 attached garage
  • Treated deck off back door
  • Vinyl exterior siding
  • Asphalt shingle roof
  • Carpet flooring in bedrooms
  • Laminate flooring in bathrooms, kitchen and living room

5 of Our Favorites From This Beautiful Remodel & Addition

Today’s project is a fun one to share! When we first met this customer they wanted to:

  1. Remodel their kitchen
  2. Remove the wall between their kitchen and living room
  3. Build a room addition that would be their new living room
  4. Convert their existing living room into a spacious dining room

Maybe this drawing will give you a better visual of what they wanted . . .


So we got to work brainstorming, estimating, and then finally remodeling their home! Here’s some of our favorites with how this job turned out:

1. The Open Layout

Befores (15)

Before (wall on the left was the wall between kitchen and living room)

Afters (15)

After: No wall between kitchen and dining room (plus new addition)

Our favorite transformation in this project was how open the area was after the remodel! The kitchen and dining room looked so much larger even though all we had done was remove a wall!

2. Room Addition

Afters (87)

New room addition with fireplace

Adding on to your existing house can be very rewarding! This new room addition turned out beautiful and made the house feel brand new!

3. Fireplace

Afters (54)

New fireplace unit with a beautiful Indiana limestone slab

The customer wanted a fireplace from the very beginning but wasn’t sure if they could work it into the budget. In the end they decided to go ahead and it turned out to be the focal point of the new addition!

4. Matching Game

Afters (79)

Whenever you remodel or add on to an existing house you always run into trying to match the original materials. This happened with the brick wainscot on this job. We found out that the original brick on the house was a color that no one sold anymore . . . but no worries! After some team work and a little ingenuity we ended up creating a custom stained brick that matched the rest of the house!

5. The Kitchen

Befores (2)

Before: Kitchen

Afters (48)

After: Kitchen

Kitchen remodels always deserve their own paragraph. This kitchen got new cabinets and countertops along with undercabinet lighting, backsplash, and recessed lights. It all tied together nicely and made the customer very happy!

If you would like to see some more angles of this job, check out the YouTube video we created:

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment on this job, ask questions, or contact us if you would like an estimate on your remodel!



7 Things that Made this Basement Renovation Stand Out

We love remodeling houses especially when the changes are so drastic! This project started when the homeowner contacted us with the desire to add a type of “guest suite” in her basement/garage. When we arrived this is what the space looked like:

Basement Remodel (Before)

We worked closely with the homeowner and an interior designer to give her a new floor plan that would meet all of her wants. In the end, the project turned out beautifully and here are the top 7 things that we think made this remodel amazing:

1. A Mudroom for the Guests – The new floor plan involved removing the overhead garage door and installing a new exterior door. This gave the guests access to their room and bathroom without having to come in and out of the front door!

2. A Larger Window – Where the guest sitting room would be, the homeowner wanted us to remove the existing window and install a larger window in it’s place. This decision made the sitting room one of our favorite rooms in the new space!

3. Custom Shelves in Mudroom – What a great idea to add custom shelving to the guest’s mudroom! These shelves are beautiful and add to the character of the home.

4. A Tile Shower – The bathroom is nice but the tile shower makes it great! What bathroom doesn’t look better when a tile shower gets installed?

5. The Painted Wood Paneling – This gives the guest room that warm feeling which matches the rest of the house and makes it feel like it was always a part of the original house plan.

6. The Washer & Dryer in Bathroom – This works out great! Not only does the washer and dryer have a place to stay but when guests are there they can do laundry!

7. The View – We can’t talk about this beautiful remodel without mentioning the spectacular view! Indiana’s landscape certainly is breathtaking!

Kids’ and Guest Bathrooms Remodel

We know that you love your bathroom. You’ve remodeled your Master Bathroom within the last couple years and now you think your bath remodeling is done. Only then do you realize the guest bathroom and kids’ bathroom . . .

That’s exactly what happened to one of our clients in the Bloomington area!

They gave us a call and setup a time for us to come and discuss their ideas for the kids’ and guest bathrooms. Here are some of the things they were wanting:

  • Kids bathroom:
    • New double vanity
    • New Santa Cecilia granite vanity top
    • New tub with tile surround
    • New toilet
    • New tile floor
    • Fresh paint
  • Guest bathroom:
    • New single vanity cabinet to match another cabinet in house
    • New Golden King granite vanity top
    • New tile walk-in shower with glass door
    • New toilet
    • New pocket door
    • New tile floor
    • Fresh paint

So we took their ideas and started the remodel! We were soon able to transform the two bathrooms into exactly what they were wanting. Below are photos of the project. Enjoy!

Kids Bath Photos:

Guest Bath Photos:

Custom Shelves for Your Bedroom

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I just had some shelving right there!” as you look at an unused wall in your house? Now some of you have never had that thought even cross your mind, but for others you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is that one wall that just seems like it needs some shelving.

That’s when you call Keith Construction.

Our team of craftsman love making your dreams, your Pinterest pins, your Houzz pictures, and your HGTV ideas come to life in your own home! That’s what happened with a customer in the Bloomington area.

She picked up the phone and gave us a call because she had a friend who highly recommend us. This was her first time using us and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Trent met with her and here are the pictures he took from that first meeting:


The customer expressed that she was wanting some shelving with a beadboard backing that covered the entire bedroom wall. Included in this would be a shelf across the top of the window and the ability to leave her desk where it was.

After we worked up an estimate and the customer accepted it, we were able to get our crew started on the project! We stayed in communication with the customer during the process and in the end we were able to give her exactly what she had envisioned!

Here's the finished product

Here’s the finished product

If you have a unique project and you’re not sure who to contact, give us a call! We would love to come out and discuss the project with you and help turn your idea into a reality!


New Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

Electrical panels are the very center of your home’s power supply. Our company loves to make these panels safe, secure, and organized. Above is a picture of a panel we just finished installing in the Bloomington area. If you are interested in having a panel that looks this good, just give us a call!

Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Check out these photos from a job in Bloomington, IN where we installed a beautfiul hickory hardwood flooring throughout the entire main level. The rich color of the hickory really brought to life this hundred-year-old home!



Kitchen, Half Bath, and Master Bath Remodel