Our Guarantee

Happy, mid adult couple in house renovation. Let’s face it, there’s a million and a half construction companies out there (okay, that might be an exaggeration). But with all these options, why should you choose us? What advantages do we offer you?

Besides the fact our team is exceptionally good looking, here are some bullet points that might help you when deciding if we are the right fit for your job:

  • We stand behind our workmanship with a one year guarantee. That includes everything we do. That’s right, we’re so confident of our work we threw in a nice guarantee.
  • Keith Construction won’t cut corners. We work hard to produce quality work, something we can be proud of when completed. We don’t believe in cutting back on the quality just to save a few pennies.
  • We are honest. Don’t take our word for it – we’ll provide you with as many references as you could possibly want to back up our claim.
  • We aren’t a fly-by-night company. If you have issues or complaints we’ll be here to talk to. We aren’t afraid of your phone calls after the job is complete!
  • We are local. We use local vendors, local employees, and our proceeds are reinvested into the community you call home.
  • Architect and contractor looking at blueprintsWe stick to our word. Many companies like to leave loopholes in their estimates or contracts that allow them the power to change what they said. We don’t do that. When you sign a contract or you sign an estimate you can be sure we’ll stick to that agreement even if it means taking a loss on the job.
  • We are hard working and won’t quit. I don’t think I even need to explain that one.
  • We aren’t perfect. Wait a minute . . . what?! That’s right, we aren’t perfect (I know it’s a shocker). Sometimes things happen. Sometimes we have a bad day or we just weren’t firing on all four cylinders. The point is: We might not be perfect but we’ll try and try again to get your job to perfection which leads me to my last point . . .
  • We believe in satisfying the customer 100%. We really won’t stop at anything to make you happy and stay true to our word.

So, why wouldn’t you choose us? Good question.

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