Bathroom Remodel with New Larger Layout

Sometimes just some simple rearranging of a floor plan can make all the difference.

Earlier this year we had a customer who had a small bathroom that was in need of an update. His bathroom layout (see below) was a poor use of space with a wall dividing the laundry room and bathroom. This made the laundry room only accessible from the kitchen and it made the bathroom feel crowded.

Before Layout of Bathroom

We quickly recognized there was potential to rearrange his layout and give him a larger feeling bathroom. That’s when we came up with the design pictured below. We suggested removing the wall between the bathroom and laundry room, installing a new wall between the kitchen and laundry, and building a closet for the water heater (which had previously been in the kitchen!). This new layout gave the customer the feeling that he had a much larger bathroom and laundry area space even though he didn’t actually gain any square footage!

After LayoutSo since we were changing up his layout why not update a few other items in his bathroom? Enjoy the video below showing off the new tile floor, new vanity and vanity top, new appliances, and new shower/tub unit.

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